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Founded in 1988, NAMI Denton County is an all-volunteer organization, an affiliate of NAMI Texas and NAMI. The vision of NAMI Denton County is to provide support, education, and advocacy to those affected by mental illness in Denton County, Texas, and to liaison with other local, state, and national mental health organizations.

We do not provide medical or counseling services, but we offer support for families, caregivers, and persons with mental illness. Free educational programs about understanding & coping with mental illness are available. Classes are taught by NAMI-trained family members or individuals progressing through the recovering stages of mental illness. Classes and programs focus on respect, concern, compassion and understanding. These lessons allow individuals to identify their cycle of emotional need, while offering families and individuals the opportunity to seek advice and/or guidance in a confidential setting.

NAMI Denton County's advocacy efforts are focused on legislation and funding to insure quality in patient and outpatient care for persons with a brain disorder, erasing the stigma associated with mental illness and securing a place in mainstream society for those diagnosed with a form of mental illness.

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NAMI Denton County is dedicated to improving the quality of life of all individuals and families affected by mental illness and to supporting recovery.